Museo di Storia Naturale (La Specola), Florence, Italy, May 2013

Museo di Storia Naturale (La Specola), Florence, Italy, May 2013

My new site design is the result of a Squarespace makeover awarded to me by Feature Shoot. This afternoon, Feature Shoot posted some before and after pictures as well as a short interview with me about my exprience creating a Squarespace website. I’m very grateful.

If you’ve visited my portfolio site at all over the last few days, you’ve noticed that I’ve changed platforms. I think it’s safe to say this will be my last redesign/move for a long time. I have two new, completed projects added, my store’s here and no longer on Big Cartel, and this news feed is a Tumblr, so you can follow along!

Dead fawn, Lawrence, KS, June 2014

Dead fawn, Lawrence, KS, June 2014

Just a quick update of things I’ve been meaning to post here the past few months: I was included in FILE Magazine’s Citylikeyou project, Coyote from At Rest was part of a Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements exhibition on Feature Shoot, Beautiful/Decay featured Down to Sleep, my portfolio is now on LensCulture, and I was interviewed by Some Nice Friends. Happy Spring!

I have quite a lot to update here; I’ve been spending some time gathering referring links to my website and going through emails to put together a news post about recent features.  I’ve also been toying around with a different way to document and display this information in the future, so please bear with me!

My images have been featured on ANIMAL, I-REF, FILE Online, and Supersonic Electronic.  And thank you to the kind folks who run blogs or create publications of differing subject matter who’ve included my work, Hund und Kunst, A Bolt of Blue, Stuck with Pins, Inspiration Hut, Deslízate, and localflux.

Also this fall, I have some photos from Cher Ami in the very cool e-book, Camera-9, and some from At Rest in the German independent magazine, Das Buch als Magazin (issue: Woyzeck).  I’m honored.

And if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area this month, I am the featured artist in the exhibition Tiempo para los Muertos in FATVillage.  I have two pieces from At Rest in the show, which runs through November.

Images from At Rest have been popping up on all kinds of places on the internet lately. I have been featured on Beautiful/Decay, get addicted to, Flavorwire, and BLCKDMNDS.

Earlier this week, I was kindly invited to share images and a statement from At Rest on iGNANTAt Rest has also been getting a bit of attention thanks to Laughing Squid.

New site launch today!  This time it really is a “new” site–from now on, you can locate my portfolio website at (although you’ll still be able to get to it using, too).  The new design features keyboard-navigation, thumbnail sorting, and responsive layouts for large display users.  I’ve added a series I’ve been working on and completed since I finished my BFA, and you can see the three series I have in-progress now.

I’ve owned the domain since 2004, when I was 15, so this is a big (and smart, and late, admittedly) move for me.  I hope all my high school friends reppin’ limited edition Baltic jackalope tees feel extra special this day.

This is “Baltic’s” fourth facelift, and I’m really happy to say I’ve collaborated yet again with my talented best friend, Daniel Evan Garza, in order to make this new site design possible.  (Also, an enormous thank you to the fantastic Tim Zappe, who I’m sure might never want to hear my name again, but comes to the rescue every time.)

One of my photographs was featured in SHOTS Magazine’s Creatures issue Spring 2013.  The issue also features a wonderful interview with Roger Ballen; I’m very pleased to be included.